Numenera: Discovered Destiny

A problem with glass

A ‘glass’ infection is spreading in town. PC’s find a portal to the terraformed side of the moon where they destroy a dysfunctional glass factory, took a couple of glass-steal weapons and a glass cannon that shoots miniature temporary gravity wells (black holes).

  • Of 5 rounds for the glass cannon, 1 was shot at the robot guards at the factory, a second was shot up into the air transfer portal to take out the floating structure on the other side.

(Note, this is a layout of things as they could have went down, how it actually happened was slightly different, these are my framework notes on this adventure)

The Glass Sphere:

One of the town scouts runs in and reports that ‘the wind is up!’ has shown up while the PC’s are meeting with the mayor (Mayor Gralle).

The mayor turns to the team and says, “You are brave adventurous types, I need your help and to take advantage of this opportunity to save our people. There is a strange illness that plagues our village and a soothsayer once gave prophecy that the Illiad stone contained the cure to this deadly plague and the wind tunnel is the only chance we have of getting there. We have been trying to craft a glider that someone could ride up to the stone when the wind next came but the person we trained to do that is my husband but there are two problems. The wind hasn’t come for ten years and he has fallen ill with the sickness. We don’t have much in the way of shins but I can offer you this box of devices that my husband collected. We could never figure out what they are for but you may find them useful.”
(Glancing in the box there are a handful of various synth devices and strange looking items.)

Pc’s can look over and notice her husband, George, and get a visual of what is wrong with him. (His foot has turned to glass, painfully, and the effect is creeping slowly up his body, it usually takes a few days before reaching the vital organs and killing.)

They will be provided with an escort to the stone and ‘lots of rope’ that might be needed along with an instructor named Serond. Serond gives basics of how to try and ride the wind with the device they created.

SICKNESS: The sickness kills people by causing people to turn to glass over a period of a couple days.

The ‘Illiad stone’ is a floating sphere of what looks like solid granite floating 300 ft up in the air with a large hole in the underside. It looks to be about 100 feet wide. The hole is 5 ft wide. (It is sucking the air in at the moment but other times is pushing it out.)

Description: As you make your way through some thickening woods Serond informs you that you are almost there. You can detect a slight shimmer in the trees becoming more and more apparent, like they are ‘glittering’. You break into a clearing where you can see a stone-like large sphere floating three hundred feet up in the air with a dark hole in the underside that looks about five feet wide. The ground below the device is covered in ‘glitter’. You can see bits of this glitter being lifted up off the ground and feel a strong wind pulling upwards as things are being drawn up into the hole underneath the hundred foot wide sphere.

Glitter: (Shards of infectious tech-glass that has a chance to infect those breathing it in).

The wind tunnels shoots from out of nowhere along the ground and then to the sphere and up towards it where there is an opening someone could fly up to it.
*((what about floating ppl? why can’t they reach it? Because all the rest of the time the air is shooting DOWN from the monolith!! So yes.. if someone can float, they can get pulled up into it, see below.))


The task to ‘catch the wind’ up into the underside takes 3 consecutive successful ‘fly’ checks (Diff 6).
After 3 attempts (pass or fail) a person can reduce this by 1 step.
Someone can spend 2 xp to take a specialized skill to reduce it further.
Falling out of the ‘jet stream’ causes damage based on how far fallen (1/2/3 in 100ft height = 1d6, 4d6, 8d6 dmg.)

A levitator PC can float up into it at difficulty 3, failure means falling out of the stream and having to float back down to start over.
Athletics can improve by 1 step.

Inside, instead of more stone is a ‘synth’ structure with :

The person going up into the hole will run into a ‘grate’ that keeps stuff from sucking all the way up into some strange ‘darkness/void’ just above the entrance. That place is also a room with a ladder.
INTRUSTION: Can have the gate be rusty and start to break apart when that person enters.
Someone with numenera skill (DIFF;5) can figure out how to use a ‘panel’ in the room to turn off the suction void.

Someone can get a rope up into the hole for the rest of the team perhaps. (Can’t throw a rope DOWN while the air is on, can only bring it up into the hole unless air is off.)

Up the Ladder:
Is a white room with a central dias surrounded by 3 floating rings in a spherical form sitting still.
With some tinkering (diff 4) on another control panel (strange unknown language) they can activate the rings around the pad which start spinning and rotating slowly but then faster and faster until 30 seconds are up after which it teleports what/whoever is in the center of the dias (inside the rings) somewhere else..

Somewhere else = The terraformed side of the moon. (Currently dim)
The air is thinner, making breathing a little more difficult.
This will cost the PC’s 1 might per 10 minutes or 3 points per hour? (breathing devices can help)
PC’s land in a forest and after a few minutes of searching (it is dark, not daytime like it was back when they started), they see what they think is the moon but is in fact earth. (Dun dun dun!)
There is glass glitter all over the place and the sound of machinery.

Landing area is a similar pad. Beside the pad is a dark void sphere inside of a ‘ring’ and if the air was left on back on earth, air is pushing out of this void. (It is an air transfer unit between moon and earth).

Path leading off from there goes to a ‘factory’. The factory is still functioning and is manufacturing glass-steel parts and pieces. PC’s see that it looks uninhabited (most of the moon is). What is still functioning are the automated security systems.
Description: Large white building surrounded by poles sticking out of the ground every ten feet. (no longer functioning electric wall). The structure is of strange design with odd curves and angles and various tubes jutting up into the air. You can see that it is active and that ‘glitter’ is floating down from one of the exhaust tubes. (This glitter is what is coming through the wind portal to get people sick and turn them to glass on accident). It is a waste byproduct that the ancient facility is no longer able to process properly.

GOAL: Get inside and at least turn that peice of it off, if not the whole place. It should be easy to figure out that the factory is spewing the glass.
GOAL 2: A ‘medkit’ can be found near each glass machine that has a drink that is the cure for glass illness. The kit can also be useful in future healing attempts by 1 step.

Two wheeled defense droids with synth-spitters for arms. The ‘wheels’ are side by side and leaning in at the top, wide at the bottom. Inside his a top torso of a fairly humanoid shape with a wide head, red eyes and two ‘arm’ weapons (one is used to stun (fired opposite rounds from the disc shooter piece.)
Difficulty 4, they will face two of them when the alert is triggered.
Armor: 1 HP: 18 DMG: 4
Stun=1 round lost.

Proper salvage (DIFF5) can remove 1 or 2 weapons if they are destroyed. Otherwise, cypers can be found:
Weapon: Slugspitter: Dmg 5. Runs out of ammo on 1 in 20.


Attachment Seeker (Anoetic)
Level: 1d6 = 1
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: Displays the relative location and distance of all members of the user’s party (the other PC’s) on a screen. Will continue to display updated information for a number of hours equal to the cypher’s level.

Cloud Grabber (Anoetic)
Level: 1d6 + 1 = 3
Wearable: Wristband
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: The user may change the general weather of the region, up to a distance of ten miles (16 kilometers). Extreme weather is not possible (blizzards, drought, etc.), but heavy storms or squelching heat are within the limits of the device. The altered weather lasts for a number of hours equal to the level of the cypher.

The ‘Anything’ device. (L5)
This hand fitting odd device can be activated at will to create anything that is ‘held’ with concentration.
That effect comes with a cost though. 1 int point per round for the first minute. (Those with 1 point of int edge can do this free). After 1 minute, the cost rises to 2 points per minute up to 10 minutes (9 more minutes beyond the first). After that the cost is 3 int per 10 minutes up to one hour before changing to 4 points per hour up to 10 hours after which it gets over powered and turns off.
Each activate has a 1 in 20 chance of using the last bit of energy in the hand held device.
The maximum ‘size/mass’ of the creation cannot be more than the total mass of a person. (200 lbs)

• A disc that when flipped always lands on its edge.
• A tube that changes the color of any liquid poured through it.
• Cape that billows as if blown by the wind when worn , even in still air.
• Egg shaped device that when activated, clears the air of bad smells within 3 feet.
• Two small balls that circle each other when placed on a flat surface



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