Numenera: Discovered Destiny

Into the Void

After Talos woke up and dealt with his ‘changes’, the group split up the goodies salvaged from the rock creature and made their way north to the location the journal map had listed as the next scheduled appearance of the structure that comes up out of the ground.

After a brief wait the structure showed up on schedule and a girl came running out. She saw the group and ran up asking them to help her save her brother who was still trapped inside.

Playing it safe, Jackie stayed back with the escapee with the lizard mounts inside the entry way while the group headed down the elevator way deep into the dark depths below.

When the large elevator finally stopped they exited onto a large synth circular platform that had eight paths leading off in different directions but only one was lit. The group took a dark path just to be safe but ended up making their way back to the only one lit pathway and finally made their way down a long series of twisting passages into a living area of the cult of the vortex.

Disguising themselves as cultists in yellow robes (via an illusion) they were able to have a ‘welcome to the cult’ greeting with Gregor, the second in command, who gave them more information about why their deity (the vortex) was central to their lives and was anxious to introduce them to their god. The discussion on how the group got there and who brought them in was a little confusing, especially so since Hawmet was confused with one of the cultists who looks just like him (Norrid). They soon met and the second version of himself fell unconscious while Hawmet resisted the strangeness of it all and ended up with just a headache.

Gregor had some other cultists help the unconscious man and then took the newcomers to the Vortex where they soon felt the awe, love and peace that came with being in the presence of the bright swirling vortex. While they experienced the vortex Gregor left to bring back their leader, Abrassal, whom the escaped girl warned them against.

Abrassal kept his distance and was a little suspicious, asking various questions of the group but was glad to have some new blood to help support the cult. Gregor got the group set up a couple rooms in the common area and let them know that they will regroup later to have supper and discuss the newcomers duties. They were introduced to everyone in the place but not one of them was actually the girl (Evanna)’s brother (Shome), who was no where to be found.



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