Numenera: Discovered Destiny

Something really is different...

With their wishing done as far as they wanted to take it for now, the explorers headed back through the vortex to find that things were a little different than they had left them just a couple hours prior. Norrid and the old woman were not around. The Angel of Steel was in pieces and the cat-bird creature that Hawmett had watched built atom by atom just a few hours prior was now four feet tall at the shoulder. It was still friendly enough but the place was different. With his new found ability to navigate the facility hawmett decided to check the logs and found that they were now two years in the future.

They then checked around some and finally made their way to the surface to go resupply at one of the towns their traveling fortress could take them too only to find that the town was a blasted hole in the ground, the air smelled odd and the sky was streaked with black and blue.

Investigating, they set about scouting out other locations that their vortex-mobile could take them. Some cities and towns were gone while they found two that remained. One was covered in a shield. A huge mile wide flying ship of some sort was floating over the city and there were many signs of battle around the place. They moved on to find another large city that did not have a shield, or a huge ship over it. Carefully scouting they found alien bug looking robotish creatures with four arms were in control of the city and its populace, slaves to these things. (Known as the Oorgolians)

After some asking around a well traveled man (Naevero) and his gigantic talking floating fish companion (Burrim) waved them into an alley way where he proceeded to advise them against having weapons out in the open in the city and filled them in on the last couple years of history and his suspicions that the world only had another year to go before its resources were ran dry and atmosphere was no longer viable for human life from what these beings were doing.

He also mentioned these Oorgolians have been around for a long time in very small numbers doing strange things and without a unified purpose but they are unified now and in huge numbers. A score of the huge ships have been seen around by all reports.
He mentioned there was a man who was able to modify the behavior of one with sound somehow and that contact was in the AI city to the southeast (a city normal humans do not go to.)

The adventurers were overwhelmed with information but decided to learn more about these beings and proceeded to get in a fight with one of the patrols and managed to capture one of them for study.

The odds were stacked against them as the fate of the 9th world was now in peril.



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