Numenera: Discovered Destiny


(A game not logged here involved the group interrogating one of the captured Ooligans and running for their lives from a giant missile laden death machine. They learned much and were able to escape back to the vortex-base to find that the vortex was actually now offline, preventing them from going back into the center of the sun to make wishes.)

Having discovered that one of the huge tube/cylinders in the vortex room was out and that there were no replacements available, our adventurers touched base with the rebels they had with them from the city and one of them heard of a city up in the crystal sky fields that had a horde of them within its confines.

The group checked their available locations and took note of the description on the log book that said the closest available transport location for the facility was not too far south of the skyfields but that there was a ‘lack of oxygen’ at the location. So the team suited in the environmentally protective suits the facility could encase them in and headed up the transport to the surface where they entered a dark environment with a single small dot of light in the sky up above. As the groups anti-gravity enhanced team member floated up to check it out the remaining group was approached by a beautiful woman out of the darkness who was friendly and was asking questions about them. Meanwhile skittering sounds could be heard all around, just at the edge of the dim light the open door to the groups surface facility could provide.

Jackie went about spreading some liquid light around the area, causing the forms to back off while the others were speaking with the woman. The conversation started to not go well and the woman backed off into the darkness while the creatures, scores of them, began to close in on the group. One of the Nano’s in the party sent up a flare that lit up the room much more and it was found to be a huge underground dome, as confirmed by the guy who floated up to the top to find that it was a large 10 foot wide hole into the surface and that normal air did not enter the hole.

The extra illumination also shown that the woman had a different shape and wasn’t as beautiful as she seemed, but was in fact a strange mutation of a six breasted humanoid with no arms past the elbows and an abdomen that drug the ground, a horrific site. Jackie made a move for the woman and flipped over the creature, landing behind it with her ‘light saber blade’ pressed up against its neck. The two of them proceeded to have a private negotiation attempt while the rest of the group began to battle the monstrosities around them. Some seconds later, in the flurry of bodies and battle, Jackie lopped off the head of the mutant woman and the rest of the creatures retreated.

Jackie required some rest at that point and requested the group retire back into their facility for a rest break. Stressed from the situation she found the need for some companionship and took it upon herself to entice Talos into some ‘Fade to black physical relief’, in which after a brief hesitation, complied. Shortly after that Jackie took a walk and then regrouped with everyone to head back to the surface where she found a stone (I believe) that would guide the group through underground tunnels to get to the skycrystal fields.

Hansom was feeling a little off about the whole situation and stayed behind at the facility door to guard it while the others made their way unmolested through long tunnels that eventually led to the surface where they found themselves at the base of the city they came to find.. the Crowd City. A city made up of interwoven, preserved, bodies of people and creatures where no insect, animal or person lived. The city itself walked on the hundreds of thousands of feet attached to its underside at a slow pace.

They climbed up and onto the city, out of the sharp and deadly crystal fields to find the tube they needed to reactivate the complexes vortex device.


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