Numenera: Discovered Destiny

Premonitions and a road less traveled

>> Jackie
>> Jackie had to account for two days of game time and the following was developed.

  • Jackie returned from a couple days of a job (Assassin work)
  • Jackie found out from her handler (an Amber Priest named Jewels) about the assassin groups looking for her and the bounty on her head.
  • Jackie doesn’t know it but an ex lover of her ‘Fratt’ is also looking for her for unknown reasons. (Player knowledge ok as this was created by player).
  • Of the assassin groups after her most are amateur and she has already dispatched 3 groups in the past two days.

>> Back at town.
(Jackie regrouped with the rest: Hawmett, Han Som and Rhexas. Talos was missing at the time)

  • At the town, a group of official soldiers and a man named Captain Argyle from Rarmore arrived, looking for Jackie. They wore the symbols of the Pytheron Empire.
  • After a careful bit of discovery, Jackie found out they were looking for her to create a contact for future work that would help their cause and help get the bounty off her head.
  • Jackie negotiated a partial up front payment for her services (which were yet to be detailed) and was given a communication device in the form of a small blue crystal and told to “Just ignore any static that comes across, we will be in contact.”
  • Captain Argyle has no legs, a reported incident with some broken hounds while hunting them years ago.
  • During the discussion with Captain Argyle Jackie touched his hand and saw a vision.
    >> VISION: A large battle field littered with sparking glass shards. On one side was an army of metallic insectoid looking beings with slug-spitters. On the other side was a human army, Captain Argyle was at its lead. They stood across the field from each other in a face off, not yet in battle. On a hill to the side, watching from afar, was three large (8 ft) beings in hooded robes with one large red glow coming out from under the hood. // When the vision was over, Jackie realized it was only she that saw the vision and that the Captain didn’t know it happened.


  • PC’s kept on down the road heading north to reach the location of the next scheduled appearance of the ‘structure’. (The structure that the people in yellow robes entered days before.)
  • While crossing a well traveled road called ‘The Wandering Walk’, the group slipped through a strange dimensional portal that took them to the world/dimension where ‘Han-Som’, a PC plagued by lycanthropy, met a bunch of the creatures that he turns into a few times a month. They had a brief encounter where language was a barrier and ‘Han-Som’ left with a special ring to help him control his changes. It was a slightly tense situation being surrounded by thirty of the creatures in a world that had two white moons and short stout trees, but the group kept their heads and managed to be directed back to the portal from which they came.
  • Once back the group saw may of the travelers on the wandering walk running from a large creature. They fought a huge rock creature and salvaged some new devices.
  • PC’s are 4 days walk (2 by lizard mounts they procured) from the next location the structure should show up. Han Som sacrificed his lizard mount to the ‘creatures’ in the other portal, so the group was down to four. (Talos was along for the ride and had his own as well and since he was a smaller person, Han Som ended up riding with him.)



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