Numenera: Discovered Destiny

The Yellow Robes

(Placeholder for the starting game where the PC’s ran into the folks in the yellow robes that stepped into a strange structure that rose up out of a small creek and then sunk back into nothingness again)


  • A notebook containing locations and dates. PC’s surmises this will detail the next appearance of the synth structure.
  • Thin white flying disc creatures that were trying to kill them.
  • A small village where Jackie convinced the townsfolk that the PCs are official envoys from the provinces ruling government.
  • PC’s proceeded to assist town with a creature problem at the nearby lake, killing a strange crab like creature with floating heads on its back.
A hunter arrives + a boxing match


  • PC’s arranged for a fight in the village where they took bets and made some money. Hawmet fought against a tentacle headed humanoid but manged to win.
  • A hunter shown up trying to hunt down ‘Han-Som’, the lycanthrope, but was thwarted. The strange thing was that there was two of him, the killing of one killed the other.
A problem with glass

A ‘glass’ infection is spreading in town. PC’s find a portal to the terraformed side of the moon where they destroy a dysfunctional glass factory, took a couple of glass-steal weapons and a glass cannon that shoots miniature temporary gravity wells (black holes).

  • Of 5 rounds for the glass cannon, 1 was shot at the robot guards at the factory, a second was shot up into the air transfer portal to take out the floating structure on the other side.

(Note, this is a layout of things as they could have went down, how it actually happened was slightly different, these are my framework notes on this adventure)

The Glass Sphere:

One of the town scouts runs in and reports that ‘the wind is up!’ has shown up while the PC’s are meeting with the mayor (Mayor Gralle).

The mayor turns to the team and says, “You are brave adventurous types, I need your help and to take advantage of this opportunity to save our people. There is a strange illness that plagues our village and a soothsayer once gave prophecy that the Illiad stone contained the cure to this deadly plague and the wind tunnel is the only chance we have of getting there. We have been trying to craft a glider that someone could ride up to the stone when the wind next came but the person we trained to do that is my husband but there are two problems. The wind hasn’t come for ten years and he has fallen ill with the sickness. We don’t have much in the way of shins but I can offer you this box of devices that my husband collected. We could never figure out what they are for but you may find them useful.”
(Glancing in the box there are a handful of various synth devices and strange looking items.)

Pc’s can look over and notice her husband, George, and get a visual of what is wrong with him. (His foot has turned to glass, painfully, and the effect is creeping slowly up his body, it usually takes a few days before reaching the vital organs and killing.)

They will be provided with an escort to the stone and ‘lots of rope’ that might be needed along with an instructor named Serond. Serond gives basics of how to try and ride the wind with the device they created.

SICKNESS: The sickness kills people by causing people to turn to glass over a period of a couple days.

The ‘Illiad stone’ is a floating sphere of what looks like solid granite floating 300 ft up in the air with a large hole in the underside. It looks to be about 100 feet wide. The hole is 5 ft wide. (It is sucking the air in at the moment but other times is pushing it out.)

Description: As you make your way through some thickening woods Serond informs you that you are almost there. You can detect a slight shimmer in the trees becoming more and more apparent, like they are ‘glittering’. You break into a clearing where you can see a stone-like large sphere floating three hundred feet up in the air with a dark hole in the underside that looks about five feet wide. The ground below the device is covered in ‘glitter’. You can see bits of this glitter being lifted up off the ground and feel a strong wind pulling upwards as things are being drawn up into the hole underneath the hundred foot wide sphere.

Glitter: (Shards of infectious tech-glass that has a chance to infect those breathing it in).

The wind tunnels shoots from out of nowhere along the ground and then to the sphere and up towards it where there is an opening someone could fly up to it.
*((what about floating ppl? why can’t they reach it? Because all the rest of the time the air is shooting DOWN from the monolith!! So yes.. if someone can float, they can get pulled up into it, see below.))


The task to ‘catch the wind’ up into the underside takes 3 consecutive successful ‘fly’ checks (Diff 6).
After 3 attempts (pass or fail) a person can reduce this by 1 step.
Someone can spend 2 xp to take a specialized skill to reduce it further.
Falling out of the ‘jet stream’ causes damage based on how far fallen (1/2/3 in 100ft height = 1d6, 4d6, 8d6 dmg.)

A levitator PC can float up into it at difficulty 3, failure means falling out of the stream and having to float back down to start over.
Athletics can improve by 1 step.

Inside, instead of more stone is a ‘synth’ structure with :

The person going up into the hole will run into a ‘grate’ that keeps stuff from sucking all the way up into some strange ‘darkness/void’ just above the entrance. That place is also a room with a ladder.
INTRUSTION: Can have the gate be rusty and start to break apart when that person enters.
Someone with numenera skill (DIFF;5) can figure out how to use a ‘panel’ in the room to turn off the suction void.

Someone can get a rope up into the hole for the rest of the team perhaps. (Can’t throw a rope DOWN while the air is on, can only bring it up into the hole unless air is off.)

Up the Ladder:
Is a white room with a central dias surrounded by 3 floating rings in a spherical form sitting still.
With some tinkering (diff 4) on another control panel (strange unknown language) they can activate the rings around the pad which start spinning and rotating slowly but then faster and faster until 30 seconds are up after which it teleports what/whoever is in the center of the dias (inside the rings) somewhere else..

Somewhere else = The terraformed side of the moon. (Currently dim)
The air is thinner, making breathing a little more difficult.
This will cost the PC’s 1 might per 10 minutes or 3 points per hour? (breathing devices can help)
PC’s land in a forest and after a few minutes of searching (it is dark, not daytime like it was back when they started), they see what they think is the moon but is in fact earth. (Dun dun dun!)
There is glass glitter all over the place and the sound of machinery.

Landing area is a similar pad. Beside the pad is a dark void sphere inside of a ‘ring’ and if the air was left on back on earth, air is pushing out of this void. (It is an air transfer unit between moon and earth).

Path leading off from there goes to a ‘factory’. The factory is still functioning and is manufacturing glass-steel parts and pieces. PC’s see that it looks uninhabited (most of the moon is). What is still functioning are the automated security systems.
Description: Large white building surrounded by poles sticking out of the ground every ten feet. (no longer functioning electric wall). The structure is of strange design with odd curves and angles and various tubes jutting up into the air. You can see that it is active and that ‘glitter’ is floating down from one of the exhaust tubes. (This glitter is what is coming through the wind portal to get people sick and turn them to glass on accident). It is a waste byproduct that the ancient facility is no longer able to process properly.

GOAL: Get inside and at least turn that peice of it off, if not the whole place. It should be easy to figure out that the factory is spewing the glass.
GOAL 2: A ‘medkit’ can be found near each glass machine that has a drink that is the cure for glass illness. The kit can also be useful in future healing attempts by 1 step.

Two wheeled defense droids with synth-spitters for arms. The ‘wheels’ are side by side and leaning in at the top, wide at the bottom. Inside his a top torso of a fairly humanoid shape with a wide head, red eyes and two ‘arm’ weapons (one is used to stun (fired opposite rounds from the disc shooter piece.)
Difficulty 4, they will face two of them when the alert is triggered.
Armor: 1 HP: 18 DMG: 4
Stun=1 round lost.

Proper salvage (DIFF5) can remove 1 or 2 weapons if they are destroyed. Otherwise, cypers can be found:
Weapon: Slugspitter: Dmg 5. Runs out of ammo on 1 in 20.


Attachment Seeker (Anoetic)
Level: 1d6 = 1
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: Displays the relative location and distance of all members of the user’s party (the other PC’s) on a screen. Will continue to display updated information for a number of hours equal to the cypher’s level.

Cloud Grabber (Anoetic)
Level: 1d6 + 1 = 3
Wearable: Wristband
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: The user may change the general weather of the region, up to a distance of ten miles (16 kilometers). Extreme weather is not possible (blizzards, drought, etc.), but heavy storms or squelching heat are within the limits of the device. The altered weather lasts for a number of hours equal to the level of the cypher.

The ‘Anything’ device. (L5)
This hand fitting odd device can be activated at will to create anything that is ‘held’ with concentration.
That effect comes with a cost though. 1 int point per round for the first minute. (Those with 1 point of int edge can do this free). After 1 minute, the cost rises to 2 points per minute up to 10 minutes (9 more minutes beyond the first). After that the cost is 3 int per 10 minutes up to one hour before changing to 4 points per hour up to 10 hours after which it gets over powered and turns off.
Each activate has a 1 in 20 chance of using the last bit of energy in the hand held device.
The maximum ‘size/mass’ of the creation cannot be more than the total mass of a person. (200 lbs)

• A disc that when flipped always lands on its edge.
• A tube that changes the color of any liquid poured through it.
• Cape that billows as if blown by the wind when worn , even in still air.
• Egg shaped device that when activated, clears the air of bad smells within 3 feet.
• Two small balls that circle each other when placed on a flat surface

Premonitions and a road less traveled

>> Jackie
>> Jackie had to account for two days of game time and the following was developed.

  • Jackie returned from a couple days of a job (Assassin work)
  • Jackie found out from her handler (an Amber Priest named Jewels) about the assassin groups looking for her and the bounty on her head.
  • Jackie doesn’t know it but an ex lover of her ‘Fratt’ is also looking for her for unknown reasons. (Player knowledge ok as this was created by player).
  • Of the assassin groups after her most are amateur and she has already dispatched 3 groups in the past two days.

>> Back at town.
(Jackie regrouped with the rest: Hawmett, Han Som and Rhexas. Talos was missing at the time)

  • At the town, a group of official soldiers and a man named Captain Argyle from Rarmore arrived, looking for Jackie. They wore the symbols of the Pytheron Empire.
  • After a careful bit of discovery, Jackie found out they were looking for her to create a contact for future work that would help their cause and help get the bounty off her head.
  • Jackie negotiated a partial up front payment for her services (which were yet to be detailed) and was given a communication device in the form of a small blue crystal and told to “Just ignore any static that comes across, we will be in contact.”
  • Captain Argyle has no legs, a reported incident with some broken hounds while hunting them years ago.
  • During the discussion with Captain Argyle Jackie touched his hand and saw a vision.
    >> VISION: A large battle field littered with sparking glass shards. On one side was an army of metallic insectoid looking beings with slug-spitters. On the other side was a human army, Captain Argyle was at its lead. They stood across the field from each other in a face off, not yet in battle. On a hill to the side, watching from afar, was three large (8 ft) beings in hooded robes with one large red glow coming out from under the hood. // When the vision was over, Jackie realized it was only she that saw the vision and that the Captain didn’t know it happened.


  • PC’s kept on down the road heading north to reach the location of the next scheduled appearance of the ‘structure’. (The structure that the people in yellow robes entered days before.)
  • While crossing a well traveled road called ‘The Wandering Walk’, the group slipped through a strange dimensional portal that took them to the world/dimension where ‘Han-Som’, a PC plagued by lycanthropy, met a bunch of the creatures that he turns into a few times a month. They had a brief encounter where language was a barrier and ‘Han-Som’ left with a special ring to help him control his changes. It was a slightly tense situation being surrounded by thirty of the creatures in a world that had two white moons and short stout trees, but the group kept their heads and managed to be directed back to the portal from which they came.
  • Once back the group saw may of the travelers on the wandering walk running from a large creature. They fought a huge rock creature and salvaged some new devices.
  • PC’s are 4 days walk (2 by lizard mounts they procured) from the next location the structure should show up. Han Som sacrificed his lizard mount to the ‘creatures’ in the other portal, so the group was down to four. (Talos was along for the ride and had his own as well and since he was a smaller person, Han Som ended up riding with him.)
Into the Void

After Talos woke up and dealt with his ‘changes’, the group split up the goodies salvaged from the rock creature and made their way north to the location the journal map had listed as the next scheduled appearance of the structure that comes up out of the ground.

After a brief wait the structure showed up on schedule and a girl came running out. She saw the group and ran up asking them to help her save her brother who was still trapped inside.

Playing it safe, Jackie stayed back with the escapee with the lizard mounts inside the entry way while the group headed down the elevator way deep into the dark depths below.

When the large elevator finally stopped they exited onto a large synth circular platform that had eight paths leading off in different directions but only one was lit. The group took a dark path just to be safe but ended up making their way back to the only one lit pathway and finally made their way down a long series of twisting passages into a living area of the cult of the vortex.

Disguising themselves as cultists in yellow robes (via an illusion) they were able to have a ‘welcome to the cult’ greeting with Gregor, the second in command, who gave them more information about why their deity (the vortex) was central to their lives and was anxious to introduce them to their god. The discussion on how the group got there and who brought them in was a little confusing, especially so since Hawmet was confused with one of the cultists who looks just like him (Norrid). They soon met and the second version of himself fell unconscious while Hawmet resisted the strangeness of it all and ended up with just a headache.

Gregor had some other cultists help the unconscious man and then took the newcomers to the Vortex where they soon felt the awe, love and peace that came with being in the presence of the bright swirling vortex. While they experienced the vortex Gregor left to bring back their leader, Abrassal, whom the escaped girl warned them against.

Abrassal kept his distance and was a little suspicious, asking various questions of the group but was glad to have some new blood to help support the cult. Gregor got the group set up a couple rooms in the common area and let them know that they will regroup later to have supper and discuss the newcomers duties. They were introduced to everyone in the place but not one of them was actually the girl (Evanna)’s brother (Shome), who was no where to be found.

Behind the Veil

(Post covering past two games) >> I’m seeing some strange doubling effects in this posts results, so if you can’t read everything let me know, I have it saved.

Well.. things have changed in the vortex living area these days. The group, having infiltrated the cult, managed to locate the escaped girls (Evanna) brother (Shome) and during a group dinner, they managed to rescue the brother from Abrassal’s chambers but things got bloody soon after.
Most all the residents left from dinner to head up to the Vortex for some woship time and Talos decided to drop a web grenade under four of the residents feet as they awaited the elevator. It went off as he stepped back and Hansom transformed into ‘the wolf’ and had a lone showdown with Abrassal. After defeating the leader of the cult, the wolfs bloodlust took over and he went and slaughtered the trapped people, including Gregor, the second in command, Fean, the smartest member of the cult and creator of the notebook that was the guide to the cult’s transporting home. Next to die was Ashlin, Duranis and Nile.
With the compound pretty much wiped out, all that were left alive were Relle, who had a fight with Jackie and was captured. Her thumbs were broken and when it came down to ‘what happens to you next’ discussion, she opted to go her own way at the next stop but would like to be able to return one day to have honorable hand to hand combat with Jacke in a fair fight.
Also surviving was Norrid, the ‘far twin’ of Hawmet, who after a day of though on the matter, decided to stick with the new leaders of the facility, wanting to explore the connection with the person (hawmet) who looked just like him.
Last to survive from the facility was Savra, the elderly woman who took kindly to one of the groups members and decide to stay on with the new family, not having much anywhere to go.
While the team was a little taken back by the slaughter that took place (not something they had planned), the made the best of the situation and moved onward.
The next strange thing that went on was now that Abrassal was dead, there was a ‘voice’ that was able to come through and deliver a message to the group which included directions to another room in the huge facility where they could ‘get dressed for the party’, from the strange alien voice.
The group, inticed by the promise of a wish, followed the voice’s instructions to the room where they ended up getting dipped in some smart liquid armor that enabled them to go through the vortex unharmed. (There was some strange goings on in this room, most notably which resulted in the following:
> a strange bird/cat creature was created and is now roaming the facility.
> Jackie can never get thirsty again.
> Hansom is 3 inches taller.
> Talos learned a new language that had concepts he couldn’t understand and couldn’t find a use for it anywhere, but he could speak and understand it… but no one else in the world does.
Through the Vortex!
The group then went into the vortex and quickly found the facility was nearing its final hours of collapsing and that the other side of the vortex was a floating facility that exists inside the sun.
Going through the facility a couple of the group found out the dangers of splitting up the party when they ran into a floating ‘knight’ defender of the facility with an energy sword who would hit so hard that it breached their protective armor and the 180 degree heat would seep in and further damage them. They ran and regrouped.
Back together and with some solid shooting by Hansom (a couple of 20’s that took out the defenders shield and then sword the next round), they managed to take it down.
With some discoveries about what lived in the facility (various energy life forms in large column/tubes, they finall reached a room with a large wall panel that allowed them to speak to the being that had reached out to them, one of the residents of the facility who let them know all he could about who they were and the danger they were in.
They had the option to try and use the ‘wishing well’ in the next room, which it couldn’t explain how to operate or to go into the room down the hallway and ‘exile’ them somewhere else before the facility crumbled around them.
With a great roll of 20 by the groups Nano, they learned that the ‘wishing well’, a floating sphere of energy, need to be manipulated by ‘3 inputs’, and with that clue, they finally managed to learn how to manipulate it and started making their wishes.
Two of the wishes were needed and used to reconstruct the facility back into stable position and found that each wish they made made the next wish harder to formulate. Knowing their wishes were limited they began to put careful though into them but a few things took place in the first couple rounds of wishing.
> Jackie wished her ex lover, a man who was out to kill her, dead. She saw a vision of his death as the wish came to pass.
> Hansom wished for full control of his changing into ’ the wolf ‘. The wish was granted and included an empathetic link to the creature from the other dimension that he would swap with.
> Talos wished to turn into an energy form being that could control other mechanical beings and was turned into a ’Radiance Knight’, that they fought earlier and lost his mortal body. >> He followed that up with another wish to make it to where he could keep his mortal form and switch into this form once per day and further spent xp to be able to do that at will, becoming the first Were-Robot.
> Hawmet wished for full control of the vortex facility and is now able to make it appear at any of it’s established locations whenever he wanted and was able to know about and direct the Angel of Steel, the guardian of the Vortex.
There may have been one or two more wishes but I don’t recall them at the moment.
Difficulty was currently used up at 5, costing 5 int pool for most everyone except jackie, who had only used the first ‘easy’ wish
Aka the following:
Jackie next wish at D5.
Everyone else next wish at D6 (Unless I missed stuff)

Something is different....

A portent of change…

Something really is different...

With their wishing done as far as they wanted to take it for now, the explorers headed back through the vortex to find that things were a little different than they had left them just a couple hours prior. Norrid and the old woman were not around. The Angel of Steel was in pieces and the cat-bird creature that Hawmett had watched built atom by atom just a few hours prior was now four feet tall at the shoulder. It was still friendly enough but the place was different. With his new found ability to navigate the facility hawmett decided to check the logs and found that they were now two years in the future.

They then checked around some and finally made their way to the surface to go resupply at one of the towns their traveling fortress could take them too only to find that the town was a blasted hole in the ground, the air smelled odd and the sky was streaked with black and blue.

Investigating, they set about scouting out other locations that their vortex-mobile could take them. Some cities and towns were gone while they found two that remained. One was covered in a shield. A huge mile wide flying ship of some sort was floating over the city and there were many signs of battle around the place. They moved on to find another large city that did not have a shield, or a huge ship over it. Carefully scouting they found alien bug looking robotish creatures with four arms were in control of the city and its populace, slaves to these things. (Known as the Oorgolians)

After some asking around a well traveled man (Naevero) and his gigantic talking floating fish companion (Burrim) waved them into an alley way where he proceeded to advise them against having weapons out in the open in the city and filled them in on the last couple years of history and his suspicions that the world only had another year to go before its resources were ran dry and atmosphere was no longer viable for human life from what these beings were doing.

He also mentioned these Oorgolians have been around for a long time in very small numbers doing strange things and without a unified purpose but they are unified now and in huge numbers. A score of the huge ships have been seen around by all reports.
He mentioned there was a man who was able to modify the behavior of one with sound somehow and that contact was in the AI city to the southeast (a city normal humans do not go to.)

The adventurers were overwhelmed with information but decided to learn more about these beings and proceeded to get in a fight with one of the patrols and managed to capture one of them for study.

The odds were stacked against them as the fate of the 9th world was now in peril.


(A game not logged here involved the group interrogating one of the captured Ooligans and running for their lives from a giant missile laden death machine. They learned much and were able to escape back to the vortex-base to find that the vortex was actually now offline, preventing them from going back into the center of the sun to make wishes.)

Having discovered that one of the huge tube/cylinders in the vortex room was out and that there were no replacements available, our adventurers touched base with the rebels they had with them from the city and one of them heard of a city up in the crystal sky fields that had a horde of them within its confines.

The group checked their available locations and took note of the description on the log book that said the closest available transport location for the facility was not too far south of the skyfields but that there was a ‘lack of oxygen’ at the location. So the team suited in the environmentally protective suits the facility could encase them in and headed up the transport to the surface where they entered a dark environment with a single small dot of light in the sky up above. As the groups anti-gravity enhanced team member floated up to check it out the remaining group was approached by a beautiful woman out of the darkness who was friendly and was asking questions about them. Meanwhile skittering sounds could be heard all around, just at the edge of the dim light the open door to the groups surface facility could provide.

Jackie went about spreading some liquid light around the area, causing the forms to back off while the others were speaking with the woman. The conversation started to not go well and the woman backed off into the darkness while the creatures, scores of them, began to close in on the group. One of the Nano’s in the party sent up a flare that lit up the room much more and it was found to be a huge underground dome, as confirmed by the guy who floated up to the top to find that it was a large 10 foot wide hole into the surface and that normal air did not enter the hole.

The extra illumination also shown that the woman had a different shape and wasn’t as beautiful as she seemed, but was in fact a strange mutation of a six breasted humanoid with no arms past the elbows and an abdomen that drug the ground, a horrific site. Jackie made a move for the woman and flipped over the creature, landing behind it with her ‘light saber blade’ pressed up against its neck. The two of them proceeded to have a private negotiation attempt while the rest of the group began to battle the monstrosities around them. Some seconds later, in the flurry of bodies and battle, Jackie lopped off the head of the mutant woman and the rest of the creatures retreated.

Jackie required some rest at that point and requested the group retire back into their facility for a rest break. Stressed from the situation she found the need for some companionship and took it upon herself to entice Talos into some ‘Fade to black physical relief’, in which after a brief hesitation, complied. Shortly after that Jackie took a walk and then regrouped with everyone to head back to the surface where she found a stone (I believe) that would guide the group through underground tunnels to get to the skycrystal fields.

Hansom was feeling a little off about the whole situation and stayed behind at the facility door to guard it while the others made their way unmolested through long tunnels that eventually led to the surface where they found themselves at the base of the city they came to find.. the Crowd City. A city made up of interwoven, preserved, bodies of people and creatures where no insect, animal or person lived. The city itself walked on the hundreds of thousands of feet attached to its underside at a slow pace.

They climbed up and onto the city, out of the sharp and deadly crystal fields to find the tube they needed to reactivate the complexes vortex device.

A city with flavor...

As our heroes climbed up on the crowd city they began to explore the structures made of body parts. Not too long after they confirmed the city seemed to be devoid of inhabitants there was a rumble in the air from the south. A lightning bolt blasted into the street of the city about three hundred feet away with three individuals now standing there.

The group recognized the protective suit and shape of Hansom, who was in were-wolf form and they all began to head towards each other to see what was going on but somehow in the walk towards each other one of the individuals disappeared and then there was two.

It was Hansom and NORRID! Hawmet’s far twin! For Hawmet he had just seen the man a couple days ago but on the earth two years had passed and Norrid had though that Hawmet was long gone. After some discussion they explained that they were brought there by a handsome man named Pratt and did not know why the man was no longer walking with them. Norrid said that Pratt had heard that Jackie and her ‘crew’ had been seen around and that he worked with her handler a few years back, the Amber Priest “Jewels” and was looking for her help. He also had a device that helped guide the trio to find them and had used his lightning abilities to travel to the crowd city quickly. This made Jackie pause some, finding the information suspicious. The group moved on, they had a job to do and couldn’t go looking for the stranger.

They made their way to the center of the city, hoping to find a way into its heart where it was rumored that the large tubes they needed were located. Once there they saw a strange robed figure standing in the street nearby with a glowing red circle from under its hood. They attempted to speak to it and it just stepped away. The city shook then and a couple of the group fell to the ground. A low rumble could be heard as well but no one knew where it could be coming from.

They delved into a large circular structure at the center of the city and after some confusing passageways managed to find their way into the heart of the ‘building’ to find that it had a sloping pit of flesh in the middle of it with a hole at the bottom. Hawmet used his gravity powers to get to the center of the room and down the chute somewhat safely until another shake and rumble hit, causing the chute to close in on him briefly but he resisted being hurt.
Down that the bottom Hawmet found that the floor was synth but the walls were still made of bodies. There were two doors in the 20×20 room, on opposite walls. They were made of synth and had control panels on them. Hawmet managed to open one of the doors by fiddling with a panel and began heading down the long straight hallway with no doors as the others began making their way to the bottom as well after getting his all clear before he left. At the bottom Hawmet came up another door and opening it found that it entered the other side of the same room he had left.

Norrid took a shot at figuring out the door panels using some of his abilities to work with machines he had picked up in the past couple of years and figured out how to open the door properly to avoid the strange passage Hawmet had went through.

Going through the new passage (with turns in it), they finally wound through (and down) to find themselves in a large circular room with a large central area with many machines in it, all encases in a glass wall. They tried to take their energy blades to the wall but found the glass wall was also protected by an energy field and they were unable to penetrate it.

While discussing what to try next they saw a dark figure through the hazy glass on the other side of the circular room and ran over to see who it was, suspecting it to be the robed figure they had seen in the street but it was what looked like a floating corpse that was then pushed up against the wall and flattened into place by some strange force. They realized they were also seeing something strange in the air nearby and got closer to investigate. Hawmet reached out to touch the air there where they could see ‘something’ and finally touched something physical. The physical shape then ‘turned’ and they could finally see what they were dealing with. It was hard to conceive the being only existed in one visual dimension. It was a series of circles and lines that were connected and could reshape itself.

They found they could somewhat communicate with the thing and after Rhexas used his new mind reading ability, they got the message “help?” from it. They were unsure if it was asking or offering but it soon moved off. They followed it to the surface of the city where it led them to an impressively freakish site. An enormous mass of some kind of creature made up of dark flesh, mouths and eyes was eating away at the city. The thing itself had to be five hundred fee wide and was feeding on the edge of the city, which they realized was the cause of the city quakes and the growling sound.

They noticed the one eyed being watching and as they discussed what to possibly do about the thing the one dimensional being began taking bodies off of nearby buildings and remaking the bodies into a wall in front of the huge creature and they knew it must have been asking for help. The large creature seemed to sense the presence of new forms of flesh and detached a large chunk of itself from feeding on the city just as the heroes had approached the strange robed being and began to ask it some questions after which it responded with strange questions of its own that suggested a very strange alien intelligence. Then the large chunk of the creature reshaped itself to be more mobile and came after the heroes. A big battle ensued and as the heroes were about to finally wear the one down another chunk of the enormous creature broke off and they knew they had to do something more drastic.

Hawmet took a running leap and levitated through the air to get a better look at the strange creatures entire form and after finding its center, fired off one of his few black hole rounds from his glass cannon and then began to veer back to the group as the miniature black hold began to take effect and grow, sucking in the huge creatures form.

The rest of the battle was still taking place with some of the team being occasionally engulfed in the mobile creatures form to be further gnawed upon and they were just about to take the creature down when the effects of the black hold further kicked in, pulling the city at an angle and then pulling the last bit of the creature towards it as the heroes made enough distance away to avoid the black holes effect before it finally stopped growing. The large creature was dead and while a good chunk of the city was also gone, it was far less than the creature had already eaten off of the city.

During part of the ‘run away from the black hole’, Jackie and Hansom found their way into one of the buildings where Jackie pointed out the figure of a humanoid a few buildings over that seemed to have been watching the battle. Hansom managed to sneak up on the man and seen it was the back of the man ‘Pratt’ that had brought them to the city and then disappeared. Before Hansom could say or do anything, Jackie tapped him on the should and motioned him away, vowing to explain why to not disturb the man once they were clear of danger.

The one dimensional being seemed to be grateful and after further awkward communication it took them back down to the undercity where it let them into the mechanical bits and they were able to obtain 5 of the large tubes. Now they just had to get back home! (To be continued)


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