Numenera: Discovered Destiny

A city with flavor...

As our heroes climbed up on the crowd city they began to explore the structures made of body parts. Not too long after they confirmed the city seemed to be devoid of inhabitants there was a rumble in the air from the south. A lightning bolt blasted into the street of the city about three hundred feet away with three individuals now standing there.

The group recognized the protective suit and shape of Hansom, who was in were-wolf form and they all began to head towards each other to see what was going on but somehow in the walk towards each other one of the individuals disappeared and then there was two.

It was Hansom and NORRID! Hawmet’s far twin! For Hawmet he had just seen the man a couple days ago but on the earth two years had passed and Norrid had though that Hawmet was long gone. After some discussion they explained that they were brought there by a handsome man named Pratt and did not know why the man was no longer walking with them. Norrid said that Pratt had heard that Jackie and her ‘crew’ had been seen around and that he worked with her handler a few years back, the Amber Priest “Jewels” and was looking for her help. He also had a device that helped guide the trio to find them and had used his lightning abilities to travel to the crowd city quickly. This made Jackie pause some, finding the information suspicious. The group moved on, they had a job to do and couldn’t go looking for the stranger.

They made their way to the center of the city, hoping to find a way into its heart where it was rumored that the large tubes they needed were located. Once there they saw a strange robed figure standing in the street nearby with a glowing red circle from under its hood. They attempted to speak to it and it just stepped away. The city shook then and a couple of the group fell to the ground. A low rumble could be heard as well but no one knew where it could be coming from.

They delved into a large circular structure at the center of the city and after some confusing passageways managed to find their way into the heart of the ‘building’ to find that it had a sloping pit of flesh in the middle of it with a hole at the bottom. Hawmet used his gravity powers to get to the center of the room and down the chute somewhat safely until another shake and rumble hit, causing the chute to close in on him briefly but he resisted being hurt.
Down that the bottom Hawmet found that the floor was synth but the walls were still made of bodies. There were two doors in the 20×20 room, on opposite walls. They were made of synth and had control panels on them. Hawmet managed to open one of the doors by fiddling with a panel and began heading down the long straight hallway with no doors as the others began making their way to the bottom as well after getting his all clear before he left. At the bottom Hawmet came up another door and opening it found that it entered the other side of the same room he had left.

Norrid took a shot at figuring out the door panels using some of his abilities to work with machines he had picked up in the past couple of years and figured out how to open the door properly to avoid the strange passage Hawmet had went through.

Going through the new passage (with turns in it), they finally wound through (and down) to find themselves in a large circular room with a large central area with many machines in it, all encases in a glass wall. They tried to take their energy blades to the wall but found the glass wall was also protected by an energy field and they were unable to penetrate it.

While discussing what to try next they saw a dark figure through the hazy glass on the other side of the circular room and ran over to see who it was, suspecting it to be the robed figure they had seen in the street but it was what looked like a floating corpse that was then pushed up against the wall and flattened into place by some strange force. They realized they were also seeing something strange in the air nearby and got closer to investigate. Hawmet reached out to touch the air there where they could see ‘something’ and finally touched something physical. The physical shape then ‘turned’ and they could finally see what they were dealing with. It was hard to conceive the being only existed in one visual dimension. It was a series of circles and lines that were connected and could reshape itself.

They found they could somewhat communicate with the thing and after Rhexas used his new mind reading ability, they got the message “help?” from it. They were unsure if it was asking or offering but it soon moved off. They followed it to the surface of the city where it led them to an impressively freakish site. An enormous mass of some kind of creature made up of dark flesh, mouths and eyes was eating away at the city. The thing itself had to be five hundred fee wide and was feeding on the edge of the city, which they realized was the cause of the city quakes and the growling sound.

They noticed the one eyed being watching and as they discussed what to possibly do about the thing the one dimensional being began taking bodies off of nearby buildings and remaking the bodies into a wall in front of the huge creature and they knew it must have been asking for help. The large creature seemed to sense the presence of new forms of flesh and detached a large chunk of itself from feeding on the city just as the heroes had approached the strange robed being and began to ask it some questions after which it responded with strange questions of its own that suggested a very strange alien intelligence. Then the large chunk of the creature reshaped itself to be more mobile and came after the heroes. A big battle ensued and as the heroes were about to finally wear the one down another chunk of the enormous creature broke off and they knew they had to do something more drastic.

Hawmet took a running leap and levitated through the air to get a better look at the strange creatures entire form and after finding its center, fired off one of his few black hole rounds from his glass cannon and then began to veer back to the group as the miniature black hold began to take effect and grow, sucking in the huge creatures form.

The rest of the battle was still taking place with some of the team being occasionally engulfed in the mobile creatures form to be further gnawed upon and they were just about to take the creature down when the effects of the black hold further kicked in, pulling the city at an angle and then pulling the last bit of the creature towards it as the heroes made enough distance away to avoid the black holes effect before it finally stopped growing. The large creature was dead and while a good chunk of the city was also gone, it was far less than the creature had already eaten off of the city.

During part of the ‘run away from the black hole’, Jackie and Hansom found their way into one of the buildings where Jackie pointed out the figure of a humanoid a few buildings over that seemed to have been watching the battle. Hansom managed to sneak up on the man and seen it was the back of the man ‘Pratt’ that had brought them to the city and then disappeared. Before Hansom could say or do anything, Jackie tapped him on the should and motioned him away, vowing to explain why to not disturb the man once they were clear of danger.

The one dimensional being seemed to be grateful and after further awkward communication it took them back down to the undercity where it let them into the mechanical bits and they were able to obtain 5 of the large tubes. Now they just had to get back home! (To be continued)



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